These are the official Server Rules of Enlisted Roleplay Community, please ensure that you understand and follow these rules at all times.

1 — Age Requirement. • You must be 13 years or older in order to play on the server.

2 —Don’t be toxic in or out of game. • Being or breeding toxicity in any platform can have you removed from the community, if you have an issue address it properly, not in ways to create drama or be negative.

3 — While in game your name must be realistic. • This can be done by changing your name on steam, an example would be: D. Novak or Dazzle Novak

4 — Metagaming, Powergaming, RDM/VDM are not allowed. • Purposely using or relaying information that your character did not learn in game (Twitch streams/chats and Discord Channels included) to shape in game roleplay. • Roleplaying outside of your character traits, abusing mechanics and using means not actually in game to gain an advantage. • Attacking another player/group without a story or reason leading up to it.

5 — Follow the New Life Rule (NLR) • If you are downed or respawn using /respawn your character forgets all events leading up to being down in the current scenario.

6 — Stay in character. • While playing you are to remain in character at all times, if there is a problem roleplay out the situation to the best of your ability and then bring it up to staff in discord.

7 — Drive Realistically. • You are to drive as if it were real life, not as if it were GTA Online.

8 — Keep RP realistic. • While roleplaying on USRPC you are to keep the events realistic at all times, put some thought into your RP, create an enjoyable experience for not only yourself but for others as well.(edited)[11:29 PM]

9 — No Advertising. • You are not allowed to advertise other communities in this server, in discord or in game.

10 — Do not LTAP. • If you LTAP (Leave to Avoid Punishment) you can be permanently banned from the server.

11 — Killing in Green Zones. • PVP/Shooting inside of Green Zones is not allowed, the Green Zones are: Police Stations and Server Spawns

12 — Gangs/Criminal Groups. • Gangs and Criminal Groups are limited to 4 members while committing crime. This includes people such as spotters, drivers and anyone else who is assisting in the crime.

13 — OOC Chat. • OOC Chat should be kept to a minimum, do not have full conversations in OOC Chat, if you need to talk more use discord. ALSO keep all OOC to the OOC Chat, do not talk OOC over voice unless you are speaking with a Staff Member.

14 — Staff. • While interacting with Staff you are to remain respectful at all times, they are there to help you/guide you. • Impersonating Staff is NEVER allowed and is punishable by a permanent ban from the server.

15 — Speed Limits • Speed Limits are as follows: •HIGHWAYS: 75 MPH •COUNTY ROADS: 50 MPH •RESIDENTIAL STREETS: 35