​”To create a quality role play gaming experience through excellence and realism”

Welcome to the Blaine County Sheriff’s Office within the United States Role Play Community [USRPC]. We are a fictional law enforcement agency that strives to provided realistic law enforcement amongst the populated area of Blaine County. (Department Website)

Currently within the community we have 1,600+ members that have various roles that when combined promote realistic role play. As an organization, the Blaine County Sheriff’s Office commits to working continually to earn the confidence of the citizens and visitors of Blaine County—a confidence that will not be taken for granted.

The BCSO fulfills this commitment by providing the best and most professional service possible by striving to build a culture of trust, within the communities we serve. This organization commits to creating and sustaining a positive working environment in which all employees have equal opportunity to fulfill their potential within the profession. 

Each BCSO officer appreciates ​the vital role he/she plays in protecting the fundamental rights of all people in Blaine County. As such, each officer commits to always put the interests of the public and the BCSO’s Vision and Mission before any personal and private interests, and to demonstrate ​pride in his/her profession.

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