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Active Government and Law Enforcement

Our community has several active branches of government, including the Governor’s Officer, State Police, Los Santos PD, and Blaine County Sheriffs Office.

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Large Player Base and Server Events

With tons of players come unlimited possibilities for role play scenarios, server events, and friends and enemies (in game) along the way! Join us today and start your story on USRPC.

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Open Interiors and Tons of Add-On Buildings

Don’t get us wrong, the original GTA V map is pretty awesome, but with the addition of open interiors and custom structures, it’s just that much better.

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More about the server…

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FiveM servers

Our discord is always popping’ with over 1600 members and an entire community of kick-ass players. The server is run by the owners, admins, and moderators who do an excellent job of keeping things fun and fair, and handling any concern a player may have.

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We have an active CAD and player management system, as well as hundreds of add-on vehicles.

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